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Unreliable reality
Valentin Alexandrov

Summer has long become an alarming time for Russia. Today other countries are also suffering from it. Hotbeds of troubles overlap in time. Political tensions alternate with technogenic disasters the scope of which makes them political as well. The Gulf of Mexico, the Middle and Near East, the Korean Peninsula, and now Central Asia have developed from geographic notions into hotbeds of tensions.

The Middle East Quartet, the six-party talks, the G8 and the G20 are parts of numerous structures attempting to construct a system capable of resolving concrete and general problems. The construction does not look reliable and long-term. It is not because the constructors are incompetent, but rather because instability has become a characteristic feature of the political environment. The reality is unreliable. It shall be strengthened not through particularities, but through universal capabilities. Only one institution possesses them – the United Nations Organization, its Security Council and regular, special and extraordinary sessions of the General Assembly.

An important date is coming which is the 65th UN anniversary. Its Charter was signed on June 26, 1945 and came into force on October 24 of the same victorious year. UN activities had both high and low tides. It enjoyed specific respect due to the sessions convened on the initiative of Moscow to discuss decolonization and disarmament. Do we use the mechanism efficiently today? That is hardly so. What is the reason? Some are against the unanimity principle of the five permanent UN Security Council members while others simply do not want to adjust their position to that of numerous countries outside their zone of influence. As a result, we continue to build card houses with numbers instead of names.

The 65th UN anniversary may by itself change the attitude of the founding countries and all others to the high tribune of the organization. The effect will definitely follow although some may not welcome it. But the main stake is security which is more important than any personal opinion.

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