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Cyprus is real beauty
Demos St. Demosthenous

VIP-Premier’s guest is Demos St. Demosthenous, a respected representative of the business community in the Republic of Cyprus, who combines profound theoretical knowledge with extensive practical experience in the field of development and tourism. Following are his answers to VIP-Premier’s questions.

Demos St. Demosthenous, Managing Director of Stavros Demosthenous Developers & Stademos Hotels Ltd. Born in 1970 in Limassol. He studied Business Administration in the United Kingdom, where he got his BSc degree in Business and Management Studies. He then completed his postgraduate studies of International Hospitality and Tourism Management in Switzerland. In 1994 he attended the Business Recruitment Plan of the Industrial Training Authority of Cyprus. Since 1995 he has worked for the "Stavros Demosthenous" Group of Companies. He is the Managing Director of Stademos Hotels Plc, a member of the Board of Directors of Stavros Demosthenous Ltd, a building contractor company and he is also a member of the Board of Directors of the Association of Cyprus Tourist Enterprises (ACTE)


– Dear Mr Demosthenous, what makes the Halcyon Seafront Villas, the project that is currently under construction on the scenic shore of Amathus, so unique?

– I would initially like to seize this opportunity and thank you for this interview, as it allows us to communicate with your VIP readers and to inform them as regards Halcyon Seafront Villas, and the factors that make Cyprus an idyllic place to be. Cyprus' ideal location in the Mediterranean Sea, and the fact that it constitutes the cross of three major continents, have resulted to the island's reputation as both a favorite holiday destination, and a preferred base for numerous Russian companies. What makes the Halcyon Seafront Villas unique, then, is not only the modern and contemporary design that defines them, but also the fact that the Villas are being built on exclusive, prime beachfront land of over 160m length – one of the last beachfront spots available for construction in Limassol city. The Villas are constructed and designed by a renowned team of specialists and meet the highest quality specifications, while simultaneously offering a luxurious lifestyle that can hardly be found elsewhere on the island. Residents at Halcyon will be able to experience the sheer pleasure of living on the beach and literally having the world at their feet.

– Are any other companies involved in this project?

– It is important to note that the “Development and Design Team” of Halcyon Seafront Villas is comprised of a number of companies. The project is being developed by Stavros Demosthenous Contractors, one of the most established and renowned construction companies in Cyprus. A reputable, US-based architecture firm as well as a number of other well-acclaimed international interior and landscape designers, have also worked together in order to bring this luxurious project of 14 exclusive Seafront Villas to life.

– What does the word “luxury” mean for you?

– The word “luxury” is widely used nowadays, perhaps to the point where it does no longer signify the superior and impressively lavish lifestyle it should. Halcyon Seafront Villas offer that kind of superior and elegant lifestyle, that “opulent luxury” if you will. “Opulent luxury” speaks for itself. It refers to the tranquil waters of the Mediterranean Sea that the residents of the Halcyon Seafront Villas will enjoy at their doorstep; it refers to the serene atmosphere that prevails, and to the sense of safety and privacy that the location of the Villas has to offer – that feeling of living in the city, yet so far away from the craze at the same time. Most of all, “opulent luxury” refers to those halcyon days of unimaginable, pure beauty and indulgence.

– Why did you choose this area for this project?

– That opulent and luxurious lifestyle we wanted the Halcyon Seafront Villas to offer meant that we could not but regard as foremost importance the location where the project would unfold. Halcyon is located close to the archeological site of the ancient Amathounta, on the East seafront of Limassol. What makes this an ideal location is that it boasts all the advantages mentioned above, to which “opulent luxury” alludes. The project is therefore being constructed on an idyllic beachfront area that is close to the city yet not surrounded by it, and simultaneously offers all amenities and pleasures needed to satisfy any lifestyle. As mentioned, the location of Halcyon Seafront Villas is one of the last beachfront spots in Limassol that are available for construction. A future owner of a Villa would therefore not only be buying state-of-the-art property, but would also be making an investment, which easily brings to mind the project's logo, “Invest in Blue”.

– Does the mythological association of the name Halcyon bear any importance, or is this an incidental association?

– The name of the project, Halcyon, is far from incidental. It is in fact borrowed from the Greek mythological story of Alcyone and Ceyx' metamorphosis to halcyon birds. The halcyon, often identified as a kingfisher, is said to breed in a floating nest at the surface of the sea, during which time it charms the winds and waves into calm. Halcyon Seafront Villas are reminiscent of those tranquil and mythical moments, and the epitome of Serenity, Safety and Happiness.

– And one last, but we believe very important question, Mr Demosthenous, What are your expectations from the Russian market?

– It is really an important issue also for us and thank you for asking me this. It is important to note that Cyprus' admission to the European Union marked the increase in business opportunities, and initiated the continuous development of the island. While it remains a favourite holiday destination, the upgraded services and facilities that the island offers, and the infrastructure improvements make Cyprus more appealing than ever. The two recently built, state-of-the-art international airports, the new world-class Marinas, are all part of the recent development of the island. It is our expectation that the Russian high net worth individual that seeks to invest in the Cypriot market, and who appreciates a luxurious and elegant lifestyle, will also invest in Halcyon Opulent Seafront Villas. Once again I like to thank you for this interview.


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