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65th anniversary of Great Victory Warm up hearts with memory
Olga Aizyatova

The best thing we can do to commemorate the Great Victory of 1945 is to remember what happened. In January 2010 the PR service of Gazprom dobycha Urengoi initiated an action called Warm Up Hearts With Memory that comprised numerous events devoted to the 65th anniversary of the Great Victory. The large-scale project aims at preserving the memory of the heroic feat of the defenders of our Motherland and educating history to the young generation that has to be conscientiously aware of the national past. The symbol of the action is St. George the Victor ribbon and a cline of flying cranes on the background of the bright sun. It symbolizes the memory of those killed on the battlefield and combat friendship of soldiers.

The action began on January 25 with the festive Victory Fir Tree event. War veterans told schoolchildren of Novy Urengoi how they saw the New Year in during the war and after it, what presents did they make at the time and why sugar was the cherished dream of the kids. In February the Labor Glory museum of Gazprom dobycha Urengoi held an interactive tour to acquaint young personnel of the gas producing company with domestic gas industry development in the difficult war and post-war years and to launch a live dialogue among them. The meeting involved company employees who served in the army in the past decade and fought in the Chechen war. Young specialists said they respect the history of their city and country and comprehend the necessity to fulfill the duty and defend the nation in any circumstances.

The talk-show We Are From Future held after the show of the film with the same name involved representatives of various generations who discussed problems of patriotic upbringing of the young and army service. The action continued with the children’s contest We Have What To Be Proud Of devoted to the exploit of the defenders of the Motherland during the Great Patriotic War. Over 30 children were declared winners. Besides, kids from kindergartens of Gazprom dobycha Urengoi and their parents participated in the Victory Salute sport event.

The war dealt a heavy blow not only to men who went to the battlefield, but also to women, children and the elderly. Participation of women in hostilities was discussed at a meeting called War Has No Female Face that involved war veterans and local schoolchildren on the eve of the International Women’s Day. A vivid story narrated by people of the older generation who survived the ordeal helped reconstruct national history events.

During the war people from the remotest parts of our country went to fight the Nazis. In Samburg, the northernmost settlement of Purovsky district of Yamal-Nenets autonomous area, they cherish the memory of liberation heroes. In the framework of the action a delegation of Gazprom dobycha Urengoi with two war veterans flew to Samburg by helicopter in late March to tell pupils of the local boarding school and representatives of small northern peoples about the landmarks of the war: the terrible time of retreat, the heroic battles of Stalingrad and Kursk, the defense of Moscow, guerrilla war in the south of Russia, the liberation of Europe and the seizure of Berlin. Gas producers presented to the school a nine-volume World War Two Encyclopedia that will tell the pupils both about national and world history.

The victorious month of May was the richest in the number of events held in the framework of the action Warm Up Hearts With Memory. Young employees of the company performed a concert for war veterans to full house. Wartime decorations and costumes, a mobile kitchen trailer with soldiers’ porridge, the stage play and touching war songs and poems could leave nobody indifferent.

Practically every Russian family cherishes the memory of the war. Therefore, the call to narrate family history awoke an echo in the hearts of people of various generations. Over 30 works were submitted by ten structural units of Gazprom dobycha Urengoi to the retrospective festival called War Affected My Family. At the gala final ceremony all festival participants received diplomas and winners were awarded with valuable presents. City residents actively participated in the War Echo retro song contest where touching wartime songs were performed.

Gazprom dobycha Urengoi not only cherishes the memory of distinguished people and their exploits, but also provides considerable assistance to veterans in the city. On the eve of the Victory Day representatives of the administration and trade unions congratulated war veterans and presented flowers and gifts to them. Besides, material assistance was provided to war veterans who no longer work at Gazprom dobycha Urengoi and to the city council of veterans. The company paid to arrange for the travel and rest of veterans in Vityaz health improvement center in Anapa on the Black Sea. Pupils from six city schools, young employees of the gas producing company, and veterans gathered at a gala meeting on May 8 to commemorate the perished soldiers. Meeting participants toured the Military Glory Custodians museum and then went to Memory Square to lay wreaths to the Soldiers’ Valor, Stoicism and Heroism Memorial devoted to the defenders of the Motherland.

According to a good tradition all employees of Gazprom dobycha Urengoi participated on May 9 in a gala parade headed by a moving dummy tank created by specialists of the department of emergency and repair works. The parade was accompanied by wartime songs and a theatrical performance on a moving stage. Besides, each company unit contributed to the decoration of the parade with flags, flowers and banners in compliance with action symbols. Continuity of generations, preservation of the past today and in future was the common thread of all events of the Warm Up Hearts With Memory action. It was not accidental that it concluded with a festive show Give the Globe to Children held on June 1 on the International Child’s Day.


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